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The Child You Lose/The Child You Gain.

I loved this entry. It’s one of those cases where somebody else said it way better than I ever could have. She’s much further along in the journey than I am, and obviously there are some difference between our two children, but this is a much more touching and “real” observation than the Holland story that makes its rounds throughout the special needs community.

By the way, I think I might be one of the few people with a child with special needs who actually likes that story. I’ve seen countless people complain that it trivializes the struggles parents go through, but personally I think the point of a metaphor is to make something that you can’t understand unless you’ve lived it a bit easier for outsiders to grasp and the Holland story does a good job of that. But that’s just my opinion and Phoebe’s entry is definitely a starker and yet equally beautiful view into the world.

via The Child You Lose/The Child You Gain.