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One of the things that I find truly amazing about this world of child rearing is the tremendous amount of paperwork that comes along with it.  Who knew that “parent” translated to “paper pusher”?!  I feel like I spend hours every week filling out forms, signing forms, looking up information for forms.  I wish I could just create a little “Elijah information booklet” that I could hand out to whatever agency/therapist/doctor/school is in need of the information and if there was anything missing that would be all I had to fill out.

I have to admit, on at least one thing I have cheated.  A little over a year ago I created an “Elijah says” word document that I put all of his word approximations on and that I update once a month.  I kind of wish I had saved it in versions instead of saving over the file originally, but I’ll chalk that up to a lesson learned.  The great thing about this file is that I now don’t have to wrack my brain for every single thing that I know he has a “word” for when it comes time to fill out those forms (which are surprisingly common!).  The other thing it’s been useful for is our babysitting book and new teachers to help give them an idea what to look out for.  Since I created that I’ve been wondering what other little short-cut files other parents have put together to make the paperwork less cumbersome.